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Laguna's first cultural arts center preserves one of the longest galleries in America and contributes to the local community through its promenade of galleries, streaming exhibitions and events, and residents are challenged to support its mission to preserve Laguna's history and support a new music school. LOCA invites artists and art lovers to become members and make a donation. The Centre aims to foster an emotional connection to artistic progress and to host both young and experienced artists who find their way through the art world. It has announced the opening of the Bell Gardens California Art Center, the first of its kind in the United States.

LBCAC urges art lovers to support their growth by volunteering time to support various projects and by participating in the new Laguna Beach School of Music.

If there is an AP course you would like to attend that is not offered at Bell Gardens High, ask your counselor about other options. Advanced courses are offered at California State University, Los Angeles College of Art and Design (CSULD).

The total number of AP subjects is 38, the highest number measured at Bell Gardens among all California schools that offer girls' sports. That's an impressive number for an AP subject, even if you put it in the same class as the average high school in Los Angeles County. The subjects are probably the most popular for students at the school, but not the only ones. Bell Gardens High is missing out on a good number of subjects due to a lack of access to high-level courses at CSULD and other colleges and universities.

Even if you put Bell Gardens in the same class as the average high school in Los Angeles County, it is still well below average. The average performance of a student is considered average, but if we put them in a class with a higher number of AP subjects like CSULD and other colleges and universities, we would be better.

Mathematics achievements in this state are generally lower than those in the English language, so it is normal that this number is low. The specific percentages are not very worrying, but in a state like California where Common Core is new, the pass rate at Bell Gardens High is likely to rise. There are very low SAT scores when you divide them into an AP class with a higher number of AP subjects than the average high school in Los Angeles County, and it is normal that math performance in this state is generally low.

LBCAC harnesses the power of the arts to awaken the hearts and minds of our youth, create artists and use them to benefit this community. PMMC has implemented three programs, including one recently with the Deek family, in collaboration with Irvine - Miracles for Kids. The new music school is designed to meet the needs of Bell Gardens High School students and the community as a whole. For now, the school district needs a new music school, not only for students, but also for teachers and staff. We look forward to the future and use the power of art for our benefit in our community and beyond.

Lisa Mansour and Carla Meberg will teach the Donut Decorating class based on a donut, and with basic color mixes and instructions, residents can decorate their canvas as they wish. Among the imaginary projects are Picasso portraits of loved ones, collages with inked prints and much more.

For Sylvia, Cynthia, Marisa and me it is the same, but the teachers are bursting with ideas and possibilities that will never go away.

Laguna Beach Cultural Arts Center is a non-profit organization with the mission to promote appreciation of art, improve the quality of life and promote civic and cultural development. By presenting its ongoing mission, the anonymous creative organization known as the Art Department is able to temporarily transform drab urban spaces into poetic displays of whims that inspire imagination and challenge us to seek beauty in all aspects of our lives, no matter how banal. The art department effectively creates an environment in which fairy tales exist in the most intimate and intimate way that we have access to. Whether we are settling in a functioning power plant, a library or a May celebration, our concept is based on what can be achieved when we are allowed to see what we want.

Bell Gardens High is classified as a high-poverty school, and according to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), nearly one-third of all schools in California have some degree of poverty, and 3,137 students attend Bell Gardens, making it one of the most poverty-prone schools of its kind in the state. To be considered "better than average," Bell Gardens must have a poverty rate of at least 1.5 percent, the highest of any Los Angeles County school.

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More About Bell Gardens